Sometimes things just doesn't turn out as you thought they would...

One of our collegues has taken ill and we won't be able to continue as planned.
You can still download pdfs for uploaded exercise programs.

We will continue to upload more of our filmed exercise programs,
but not as frequently as we had planned.


These exercise programs are filmed and will be uploaded to Youtube


Pause programs, 5 programs 6-7 minutes each, program 1-2 - Uploaded!

70+ Sitting workout without tools, 20 minutes - Uploaded!

70+ Standing balance exercises, 25 minutes - Uploaded!

Basic workout, 45 minutes - Uploaded!

Pool workout light with tools, 40 minutes - Upploaded!


Pause programs, 5 programs 6-7 minutes each, program 3-5

70+ Sitting workout with small ball, 20 minutes

Pool workout average with tools, 45 minutes

70+ Shawl workout, 20 minutes

Sitting Workout with stick 2019, 45 minutes

Walking sticks Workout 2019, 55 minutes